Client is A leading corporate MNC based in the USA partnered with Sparity to migrate from Drupal to WordPress VIP. This transition enhanced customization, speed, security, and SEO, streamlining operations and significantly improving content management, user experience, and performance metrics.

ClientCorporate MNCServices Drupal to WordPress MigrationYear 2024

Client Challenges

Drupal’s outdated features allowed for no content customization.

Low site speeds due to high traffic and scalability were challenging, increasing the financial burden on paying for developers.

Frequent security patches slowed down the CMS, making handling large amounts of content and media files.


Our Solution

Thoroughly assessed Drupal data structure, including considerations for headless CMS implementation, and mapped content to WordPress VIP.

Utilized custom scripts for accurate content transfer, ensuring formatting and metadata integrity, including customer data, media files, and blog posts.

Developed a custom theme leveraging WordPress VIP’s advanced capabilities, integrated required plugins such as analytics and SEO Etc.

Implemented robust redirection rules to ensure the transition from Drupal URLs to WordPress URLs, managing multiple sites under the same domain within a CMS, and preserving site functionality and SEO rankings while avoiding user disruptions.

Implemented enterprise-grade security protocols to safeguard multiple sites and utilized built-in caching and CDN features for a fast user experience.


Our Drupal to WordPress VIP migration helped the client to achieve the following benefits..

Achieved a 30% increase in content editing and customization capabilities, enabling more targeted marketing, site management and user interaction strategies.

Reduced server response time by 50%, accommodating a 2x increase in concurrent users during peak periods without performance degradation.

40% improvement in page load times, resulting in a 25% decrease in bounce rates and enhanced SEO performance.