The client is a US-based retailer with a large number of hypermarkets in different states offering health and wellness, groceries and consumables.
The client wanted a 360-degree view of sales across the different stores with centralized reporting to track & monitor KPIs for making informed decisions.

ClientRetailServicesBusiness Intelligence, Analytics, Data, Power BIYear 2022

Key Challenges

  • The retail client was looking for a reporting and analysis module that would provide real-time insights with centralized reporting to track & monitor KPIs in their operations across all of the client’s locations throughout many states.​ ​​​​​​​​​
  • The client wanted a customizable data visualization tool that would show the store’s sales data as a graphical representation for better analysis and faster decision-making​ ​
  • The client wanted to build a sales dashboard that would give them all the information about their business that they needed in one, easy-to-access place for gaining accurate insights into the overall sales trends of their business
  • The client was looking for a reliable and affordable service provider to assist them in implementing the BI solution for their business.​


  • Sparity meticulously studied the client’s requirements and zeroed in on Microsoft Power BI- and set up the client’s BI environment using Microsoft’s Power BI visualization tool and SQL Server
  • By analyzing their business needs, developed a role-based BI reporting system with dashboards for CEO summaries, strategies, and more ​
  • Seamlessly integrated different applications from different departments to provide a single source of truth and ensure data quality, reliability, and availability for effective analysis ​ ​​​​
  • Designed simple dashboard for displaying key sales metrics such as best-selling items, sales by employee, sales by food category, profit margin, total sales per hour, day, week, and month, and more​ ​ ​
  • Designed standardized reports with themes & templates that show changes in patterns when inputs are altered​ ​
  • Provided comprehensive hands-on training and consulting for better usability ​ ​
  • Sparity suggested a number of changes to the dashboard’s structure and reports in order to make them more appealing and valuable. These included moving reports around and adding more visual experiences ​ ​


  • 100% visibility into the sales pipeline, including the ability to track and visualize key metrics and developments
  • Store-wise analysis over specific time and metrics to compare sales with the previous years ​
  • Over 35% accuracy in the forecasting of future KPIs
  • 3x improvement in effective decision making
  • 60% client retention with optimum quality
  • Enhanced inter-departmental collaboration by 35%
  • Identified grey areas that needed improvements