Walmart Gives Data and Analytics Monetization

Walmart Gives Data and Analytics Monetization A Try

Today, data is at the heart of every decision-making process as it eliminates human bias and emotion from crucial decisions. Leveraging data to drive retail business has become the norm as technology evolves drastically and shopping trends shift on a daily basis. Businesses need to be able to foresee market shifts with the help of trustworthy data insights if they are to survive in this competitive world. Throughout the years, Walmart has freely shared sales and brand performance data with its extensive network of suppliers and is now planning to monetize this data by offering more detailed insights through its Walmart Data Ventures arm. With Walmart Luminate, WDV offers external CPG suppliers and internal Walmart merchants with precise information about what customers are purchasing, where they shop, and most crucially, why they are purchasing it. .

Source: Datanami

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