Future of Manufacturing powered by data and analytics

The future of manufacturing is powered by data and analytics. Here's why

Like every revolution, the data-driven revolution that is coming to manufacturing will require the correct steps to be taken both individually and collectively to realize its full potential. The future of manufacturing will be based on the “connected factory,” in which all equipment and parts are interconnected and may share data for greater transparency. Sometime in the near future, businesses will work together in hyperconnected value networks powered by data and analytics applications that improve efficiency, provide novel consumer experiences, and have positive repercussions for society and the environment. This article sheds some light on how different members of the Forum’s “Unlocking Value in Manufacturing Through Data Sharing” initiative are addressing the challenges of applying the Manufacturing Data Excellence Framework in their businesses.

Michelangelo Canzoneri, Global Head of Group Smart Manufacturing, Merck Group, says the encapsulation of manufacturing and product knowledge through Digital Twins, powered by data, is the key to a revolution in the manufacturing industry.

Gabriel Gonzalez, Senior Vice President, Corporate Production, ZF Group, says whether they’re talking about improving operations in their factories, worldwide supply chains, or with their end customers, data ecosystems are a great boon to operational excellence.

Dr. Gunter Beitinger, Senior Vice-President Manufacturing and Head of Factory Digitalization, Siemens talking about global warming, says in order to win the race against global warming and limit it to below 2.0°C, sharing data along the supply chain and Data ecosystems are a prerequisite to addressing this challenges.

Haldun Dingec, Executive Director, Digital Production Techniques, Arçelik says the use of data in manufacturing allows for the development of fully interconnected value chains, which in turn allows for greater sustainability, agility, productivity gains, and the introduction of novel client experiences.

Source: Weforum

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