Strategy For choosing Big Data Service Vendor

Strategies to Choose the Best Big-Data-as-a-Service Vendor

Big data is at the center of digital transformation, and businesses are aggressively implementing data strategy. Investment in Big Data is growing rapidly in all sectors and all parts of the world. Today, many businesses are eagerly embracing big data and data analytics tools as data-driven organizations are prepared to deal with market disruptions and opportunities than a business that continues to rely on gut-feeling or rudimentary data analysis for decision-making. Big-data-as-a-service is bound to be the next big thing and choosing the best provider requires businesses to adopt an effective strategy that entails determining the big data business goals and evaluating the vendors’ capabilities to adapt to the business needs and scale. In addition, businesses need to evaluate big data as a service provider ability to offer accurate insights in real time. Furthermore, evaluating the provider based on their transparency as sensitive business data is exposed to them and business owners need to comply with customer rights to privacy. .

Source: Enterprise Talk

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