Smart Technology

How Smart Technology is Improving Quality of Life for People with Cognitive Disabilities

Due to their inability to express their distress, many persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) such autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and others can spiral into a crisis. Awake Labs has developed a platform that may be used to help people with cognitive impairments keep track of their stress levels. The Awake Labs platform is discrete because it utilizes the widespread fitness trackers already in use. The device’s usefulness hinges on how well its data can be incorporated into individualized care regimens. Those with cognitive disabilities and their helpers use the smartwatch’s stress-monitoring software to work toward their objectives.

According to Palmer, CEO and Founder of Awake Labs, and Amey, CEO of Jay Nolan Community Services, their mission is to help the people they serve achieve their individual goals and pursue their preferred lifestyles. People with cognitive disabilities and their caregivers can work together to achieve their goals with the help of a stress-monitoring wristwatch software. People using the stress-monitoring devices make their own treatment choices. They can opt to get alerts personally, or they can have them forwarded to trusted family members, support personnel, friends, or anyone else they believe will put the information to good use and help them get through the difficult time.

Source: healthcareittoday