Data-driven medicine

Microsoft, Sophia Genetics team up to pursue data-driven medicine

Microsoft and Sophia Genetics are teaming up to pursue data-driven medicine. The partnership aims to enhance data interoperability and drive a global transition to precision medicine. The effort will focus on developing and deploying next-generation healthcare tools. They aim to equalize data across silos, improve clinical workflows and elevate standards of care.

Using Microsoft Azure services, the data display module of Sophia Genetics provides AI and machine learning capabilities. Sophia DDM’s multimodal AI and machine learning platform analyzes clinical, biological, genomes, and radiomics data, and in the future could provide insights for digital pathology, proteomics, and metabolomics. The healthcare SaaS company provides data insights to support discoveries, treatment decisions and drug development efforts. The company’s mission is to “democratize data-driven medicine,” says Dr. David C. Rhew, The global chief medical officer for Microsoft.
Source: Healthcare IT News