Monthly News Roundup: July 2021

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

‍- Charles Darwin

Digital Transformation in Health Care

With digital transformation, the healthcare industry has new tools, innovation strategy and solutions to improvise patient experiences, take more patient-centered approaches to care, improve administrative operations, and streamlined delivery of services delivery. This blog offers an overview of what digital transformation is in healthcare, its trends, challenges, success stories, and a pathway for digital transformation in the healthcare industry.Digital Transformation in Healthcare Market: Just What the Doctor Ordered, OroCommerce 


Technology has been saving lives – it has been proven, time and again. With technological advancement, we are in a position where healthcare and Digital Transformation go hand in hand, and digital transformation is taking place rapidly in the healthcare industry. This blog offers an emphasis on the importance of Digital Transformation in Healthcare and sheds some light on ways digital transformation would revolutionize the healthcare industry with use cases. Importance of Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Cabot 


The Healthcare sector is burdened with excessive administrative tasks, ineffective payment models, and unsatisfied patients. The Healthcare sector is always looking for new ways of working or implementing digital tools to ease these burdens. A successful digital transformation provides numerous benefits, ranging from improved clinical outcomes and patient/service user experience to cost savings. This article focuses on why digital transformation really matters and offers a case study to showcase the same. Why digital transformation matters, NHSProviders 


The healthcare industry is witnessing a revolution due to the process of digital transformation, as every aspect of the industry is being transformed from clinical to administrative to deliver outstanding patient care. This blog offers the potential benefits that the healthcare industry can attain by implementing digital transformation strategies. Benefits of Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry,Pandio 


With the advancement in technology, many healthcare providers have started to realize the impact of digital solutions in their organizations. Adopting digital transformation strategies and solutions will provide faster and better service to patients. This blog post will shed some light on the digital advancements, solutions, and potential benefits of using digital transformation solutions to offer seamless and unparalleled patient care. Digital Transformation in Healthcare 2021 – Technology Trends and Benefits, Hakuna Matata 


The long-overdue digital transformation in the healthcare industry has finally gained momentum due to technological advancement and necessity in the pandemic. Digital transformation can address many healthcare sector issues related to the quality, access, preparedness, and efficiency of our current healthcare system. This article offers some examples of digital transformation solutions that made huge advancements in terms of implementation and future trends as of 2021. Digital Transformation & Healthcare in 2021 (+Trends),Whatfix 


Technology is revolutionizing patient care in new and exciting ways, and digital technologies are transforming the landscape of the healthcare industry to ensure they deliver exceptional patient care. This article discusses the role of different emerging technologies trends in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. The impact of digital transformation in healthcare, LeewayHertz 


Today, healthcare providers are embracing change at an alarmingly rapid rate and digital solutions rank top among the tools that assist digital transformation. This blog sheds some light on the biggest digital healthcare trends in 2021. The Biggest Healthcare Trends in 2021 | Digital Transformation,Rotageek 



Healthcare providers will need to demonstrate how they can provide improvised healthcare services in quality, access, and efficiency. To do that, they need to embrace the evolving new technologies to deliver exceptional healthcare. This article offers some of the steps healthcare providers need to digitally transform their organization from simply digital health to data-driven healthcare. What’s Next for the Digital Transformation of Healthcare?,Managed Healthcare Executive 


Healthcare facilities are looking for ways to enhance operational performance, optimize resources and increase efficiencies. Embracing digital technologies can do the trick to unlock even greater value for the healthcare system to deliver end-to-end patient care of the highest quality. This blog sheds some light on the key trends in digital transformation within healthcare and as well as the challenges that the industry faces today. The digital transformation trends and challenges within healthcare,Stardust 

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