A leading US-based e-commerce company automated and simplified its highly manual development processes, reducing business costs and improving time-to-market.

The eCommerce client operates and ships its products across the US, offering a seamless online shopping experience for its customer base. The client offers a wide variety of high-quality and reliable products through its online platform at affordable prices and focuses on business transparency and helps customers access relevant products on time. The rapidly developing organization has additionally increased the improvement of their apps and features to target new market areas quickly and stay ahead of consumer and technology trends.

Ecommerce client cuts time-to-market by 50% with Azure DevOps solution


The eCommerce client approached Sparity intending to automate the existing build and deployment processes to accommodate the growing demands of an increasing customer base. Furthermore, the client wanted to improve and change its software development and deployment approach. Sparity with a team of experienced software developers specializing in the eCommerce and retail industry, acted quickly and employed an Azure DevOps strategy to improve its software development and deployment approach. Furthermore, Sparity automated and simplified the eCommerce client’s highly manual development processes, reducing the cost of doing business and improving time-to-market.


The client’s customer base was rapidly growing, along with it their needs, so to maintain the satisfaction of their customers, their applications needed to be improved on a regular basis to accommodate the growing demands. Therefore, the eCommerce client was looking for ways to change and improvise how it develops and deploys its application. The client was interested primarily in automating and simplifying its highly manual development processes, improving time-to-market, and lowering costs. Furthermore, the client required their IT infrastructure to be effectively managed, updated on a regular basis to avoid catastrophic operational faults and system breakdowns, and continuously monitored to ensure that their online services were highly available.


Ecommerce client cuts time-to-market by 50% with Azure DevOps solution

CI/CD pipeline implementation to accelerate the processes of developing, testing, fixing bugs and releasing the updates.

Ecommerce client cuts time-to-market by 50% with Azure DevOps solution

Integrated code into a
shared repository that enabled quick
error detection and mitigation.

Ecommerce client cuts time-to-market by 50% with Azure DevOps solution
Continuous Delivery (CD) enabled faster development of software in short cycles, reducing the risk and time involved in delivering updates.
Ecommerce client cuts time-to-market by 50% with Azure DevOps solution
Set up and manage the tools for
infrastructure monitoring, load balancing,
and log management.


To automate the existing build and deployment processes, Sparity employed an Azure DevOps strategy. The team developed a comprehensive governance program with measurable KPIs for the Azure DevOps program. Reduces deployment time by leveraged the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) features of DevOps, enabling teams to have more time to focus on testing and quality assurance, and accelerating the processes of developing, releasing the updates and bug fixes. The integration of the repository, build, code coverage, quality, and deployment dashboards allowed for process transparency at every level of the delivery pipeline. Furthermore, Sparity configured and managed tools for load balancing, infrastructure monitoring, and log management to ensure the flawless operation of the integrated systems.

Key Deliverables

Deployment frequency

70% reduction in application downtime for the releases.

Mean time to deployment

50% reduction in the mean-time-to-deployment (MTTD).

Flexible Deployment

The client was able to enhance the e-commerce solution frequently without disrupting their business processes.

Accelerated upgrade

The solution improved software delivery lifecycle, allowing faster delivery times, higher quality, and decreased costs.

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