Success Story: Implemented DevOps
strategy for a reputed bank

The Client is a leading private bank in the US, providing comprehensive banking, investment, mortgage, and commercial financial services to millions of customers, businesses, and government clients. Sparity implemented an enterprise-wide DevOps strategy to achieve faster development and deployment cycles and moved its legacy on-premises data centres to the private cloud. ​

Key Challenges

  • The banking organization desired to create apps and websites that would respond to the changing needs of its customers​​
  • They planned to build its technical infrastructure while abandoning slow mainframes and traditional technologies​
  • To combat inconsistent releases, multiple handoffs, and manual errors in the development of applications that took ages to resolve, the banking organization needed a solution that could resolve these issues and enable their organization to have rapid development and shorter time-to-market


  • The banking organization adopted agile software development, establishing the groundwork for the adoption of DevOps and implement an enterprise-wide DevOps strategy​
  • Created cross-functional “SWAT” teams that analyzed the legacy applications and successfully implemented configuration management, automated critical processes, and improved the workflow of each app​
  • Leveraged microservices architecture and created rigorous and explicit guidelines to increase the speed of software delivery without compromising quality ​ ​
  • Built an on-demand infrastructure on AWS that enabled easy adoption of user feedback and upgraded the banking and financial services to a top-notch experience ​ ​
  • Leveraged advanced tools like Jenkins and Azure DevOps to automate its delivery pipelines, software delivery, increase operational stability, and improve the developer experience as well​ ​
  • Introduced chaos engineering into DevOps practices with a disruption tool called “Cloud Detour” to evaluate the resiliency and durability of the applications they design
  • Implemented automated security checks into its DevOps pipeline (using Microsoft Security code analysis extensions, etc.) to accelerate the assessment of security vulnerabilities in its software​


  • Frequent deployments and deploying on-demand 
  • Decrease in outages and downtimes, resulting in Faster time to market ​
  • Facilitated Jenkins/DevOps reports that enable better decision-making & planning
  • Automated numerous test scripts
  • Reduce DevOps costs by 50% 
  • Reduced the overall IT infrastructure costs by modernizing the application through containerization

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