The eCommerce client is a family-owned and operated business headquartered in the US that sells a wide range of products via its online store and has impressed customers with its high quality and affordable prices for its customer base. The client wanted to create a website that offered a user-friendly, searchable, and browsable product catalogue with easy sharing opportunities.

Client eCommerce Services Headless Magento Architecture Year 2022

Key Challenges

  • The eCommerce client needed their website to evolve to streamline business processes and make ordering convenient for customers
  • They faced issues with the slow loading speed and unresponsive website design and needed an interactive UI customized to work with the Magento backend
  • The client needed site-wide enhancements, including a new responsive design, cart integration, coupon systems, multiple payment gateways, order management, upselling, email management, simplified maintenance, and more
  • In short, the eCommerce client needed to develop and deploy a reliable, scalable, and responsive web application


  • Sparity performed an extensive website audit and found that the website had slowed down dramatically due to a large number of images and content
  • Sparity developed React.js-based high-response eCommerce website that operates on Magento and offers an aesthetically pleasing Ul, smooth navigation, and an intuitive user experience
  • Sparity streamlined its business operations and implemented Headless Architecture, and created a custom Frontend design by using React.js (better UI design) and combining it with the Magento Backend using APIs
  • Server-side rendering with React.js allowed the website to export arrays of modules beforehand, resulting in overall speed improvements and accessibility of the service pages
  • Developed React.js-based progressive web app to provide mobile users with an app-like browsing experience
  • Implemented SEO-friendly responsive frontend design by employing React.js for frontend development
  • GraphQL and API-based connectivity enabled dynamic data exchange
  • Created Static Pages for mobile devices


  • Enhanced user experience, offers trendy design and error-free navigation
  • Saw an 18% increase in conversion rate on mobile, which accounts for more than 55% of site visits
  • 62% reduction in page download time
  • Search-led transactions increased by 15%
  • 55% increase in sales and conversion rates
  • 40% increase in engagement rate