The healthcare client intended to enhance their patient care in non-urban community and Sparity developed AI-powered health monitoring solution with the aid of IOT devices . A mid-side US-based healthcare firm that offers a full range of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services is dedicated to providing affordable and quality patient care, ensuring efficient access to specialty and hospital services whenever the need arises. While the healthcare industry has undergone rapid change, the healthcare client has taken advantage of the changes by adopting new technology. There are a wide variety of healthcare experts within the healthcare client’s organization, and they are known to be able to handle every kind of illness, including chronic conditions and emergency situations.

ClientHealthcareServicesData Science, Cloud Computing, AI, ML, IOT Year 2022



The healthcare client sought Sparity’s help in resolving their handling of rural medical emergencies with IoT devices to collect, process and analyze clinical data, including patient, treatment and medication information, as remote medical assistance is rarely available. Sparity acted quickly and implemented an AI-powered prevention model in combination with IoT devices and cloud infrastructure.


The healthcare client needed a health monitoring model that collects, processes and analyzes clinical data from IoT devices to help the caregivers track patients’ health status to improve medical staff performance, avoid routine visits, and enhance the quality of care. Though many telemedicine applications exist, they are all based on a reactive approach and prevented the worsening of medical conditions but are lacking during emergency cases.


AI-powered prediction model analyzes real time PQRST waves accurately to detects emergency incidents relating to the heart

The implementation of these predictive models lead to an intelligent, informed and smarter patient experience.


Stethoscope, Blood Glucose, Pulse, Oxygen Saturation (SPO2), Temperature, Blood Pressure, and ECG (3/12 Lead) data were analyzed to detect patterns in cardiovascular risk factors.


Using Open CV libraries, PQRST curves
were analyzed to detect abnormalities in
ECG other heart related incidents


Sparity’s healthcare product experts designed the AI-powered preventive diagnosis/risk assessment health monitoring model in combination with the IoT devices that track the health status of patients from the recorded vitals of each patient, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse, respiration, temperature, weight, height, bowel movement, fluid intake & output, and more. The prediction model analyzed the recorded data to detect patterns or any adverse changes through a supervised learning approach. The model also triggered automated alerts to notify the caregivers about the negative changes.

Key Deliverables


Bridged the gap for access to primary healthcare needs and improved the accuracy of Preventive diagnosis


Automated processes to reduce dependency on caregivers and Effectively handled Risk/Emergency situations.


Rural medical practitioners are empowered with AI to decide the best course of action to handle an emergency.


The current system in place is a “Predictive solution” helping thousands of rural patients to survive life.