One of the leading Retail firms were not able to track market analytics leading to lower customer retention rate and misleading RoI .

Table of Contents

Our Solution

Configured a data pipeline to extract marketing data from various heterogeneous source systems and integrate with Power BI data flows

Data is transformed into the right format and pushed to Power BI data sets for analysis

Power BI is used for slicing and dicing and come up with exploratory use cases on marketing data to give good insight into ad campaigns

Additional retail dashboards were created using product and sales data – Product Sales Analysis, Dashboard, E-Commerce Dashboard, Retail Distribution Management Dashboard, Social Chatter Dashboard

  • 30%

    Increase in ROI on ad campaigns through the intelligent insights generated from exploratory analysis

  • 20%

    Increase in revenue in comparison to previous year – Customer retention rate and lifetime value is impacted in a positive manner

  • Effective Utilization of PowerBI and Azure Cloud