If you don’t have mobile strategy,
you don’t have future strategy.

– Eric Schmidt, Google

We are dedicated to helping enterprises manage the convergence of Software, Data, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Connected Devices to deliver business excellence. Our Mobile Strategy Consulting services help businesses transform to a digital and mobile-first enterprise.

Given today’s growing mobile landscape, enterprises have a hard time finding answers to critical questions. What mobile strategy fits my business goals? Should I be a mobile first enterprise? How should we transform to be a mobile first enterprise? How will this impact my business?

Mobility is a unique opportunity for enterprises to re-think and re-develop the way enterprises interact with employees, customers and partners. As an always connected communications platform, businesses are proactively engaging with their audience.

In addition to better user engagement and real-time connectivity, Mobile also provides insight into user’s immediate context which includes current location, current activity, social activity and helps businesses derive a whole lot of value.

At Sparity, we help enterprises embrace the confluence of Mobility, Social & Analytics to achieve business goals.

How to Establish Successful Mobile Strategy

To realize the full potential of Mobility, businesses should establish a concrete Mobile strategy. Your business goals and requirements of your audience should be mapped to your current and planned IT capabilities and initiatives. Start with the vision of your business, identify gaps, analyze the capabilities required to close these gaps and then start listing all the mobile use cases that will bridge these gaps.

While developing a strategic direction, businesses should consider Business needs, audience needs as well as the readiness of your IT, HR and Sales. This will then translate to identifying the existing technologies, gaps in the technologies and how and when we should bridge them.

The direction should clearly define the development and deployment plan across the organization.

Sparity is your Mobile Guru

Sparity is your Mobile Guru. We offer a wide range of Mobility services including Strategy, Design, Development, Testing, Deployments, Change Management, Maintenance and Support. Our Application portfolio ranges from internal workforce management solutions to custom solutions developed for a wide range of industries including Travel, Construction, Healthcare, Payments, Wholesale & Retail, Engineering, Gaming and Financial Industries.

our mobile strategy elements

Mobile Readiness & Maturity Assessment

We help define, how ready and mature your organization is for new Mobile initiatives. While every business wants to integrate and use mobile for improving process efficiency or drive new business, the most difficult part is to be ready with necessary technical expertise and process to build consumer level applications and replicate them for building multiple apps over and over again. Sparity will assess your organization’s readiness and maturity from both technology and process perspective.

Technology Selection

Hybrid vs Native. IOS vs Android. Phone vs Tablet. Too many questions? Too many devices and platform options? Don’t worry, we will make it simple for you. We help you with actionable information that fits your profile to make the right selection. Our goal is to set you up with the right technology selections and ultimately help you achieve success.

Application Roadmap

Having just one application is not enough. First is never the last. Most businesses choose the first application that is easy to develop and roll out. While this is a good first step, it can be disastrous. It can easily influence your users to underestimate the value of mobile. Sparity can help you build a roadmap of applications and products both for your internal users as well as customers by taking into consideration your business goals, technology readiness and several other factors.

Process Improvement

With new technology stack – Mobility, you have new challenges. Our team of experts in Mobile process improvement will help you with the right tools and processes for Continuous integration, development and a solid plan for shipping new features and updates to your users across platforms and devices. For one of our customers building White Labelled Apps, minor process changes resulted in more than 25% operational efficiency resulting in a great ROI.

Cross-Organizational Integrations

By taking ownership of Mobility and by driving consistency & collaboration, we work with multiple business lines to build unified mobile experience to all the users. For a global communications giant, we helped unify mobility to a central owner and established processes in place to ensure consistent experience and compliant applications.


This is the most critical aspect of Mobile Strategy that most companies ignore. Well not anymore. Sparity offers a comprehensive security assessment and strategy to ensure all your apps, data and devices are secure. We also work closely with compliance teams to ensure all your apps are compliant to regulations that govern your business.

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Mounika Jakkampudi

Mounika Jakkampudi

Senior iOS Developer

An adept programmer with the Solid understanding of full mobile, software development life cycles, and Agile methodologies.

Rajesh Kollipara

Rajesh Kollipara

Senior iOS Developer

A mobile strategy expert, Conceptualized, designed, developed and deployed top ranking apps in a competitive mobile app market for iOS.

Haseena Shaik

Haseena Shaik

Senior Android Developer

An enthusiastic developer with an ability to solve complex problems and known for writing efficient, maintainable and reusable code.

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