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To be successful in this Mobile First Era, you need a smart strategy, stellar user experience and the right team. We offer you all of them. Our experienced team has consistently delivered 100’s of applications for our customers across the globe. From an innovative strategy that addresses your business needs to a comprehensive product lifecycle management, we offer end to end Mobility services.

What We Do

Design Apps
That Delight your users

More happy users, greater the ROI. This is the fact you would never disagree. Be it a simple interface to order food online or do a work out with your heart rate monitor or perform complex sales operations, design plays a key role in engaging and retaining your users. Our design team spread across India and USA have experience of creating intuitive and addictive designs across platforms and devices. Using a human-centric approach, we continuously innovate, optimize and enhance your user’s delight.

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Develop Apps
For Enterprises and Startups

We work with enterprises across industries to build apps for employees to simplify business operations and for customers to drive business. We also work with Startups in bringing their ideas and services to life. Not just that, we work with technology companies to develop SDK’s, libraries, frameworks and tools for Mobile. We develop across multiple platforms and variety of devices. We are your development partners and work with you in your office, from several Starbucks across the country, our office in Atlanta or in our state of the art development center in India.

Mobile Product
Life Cycle Management

We are in business since Steve Jobs announced iPhone and iOS and even before Android was announced. Since then, in a short span of few years, we saw disruption in this space. While the technology and device landscape are rapidly changing, we help our customers stay on the top of them and offer better products and improved applications with evolving technologies. From the first even iPhone to the latest Google Pixel, we have all the devices in our Lab.

We Develop
Smart Mobile Roadmap

Every business and entrepreneur have a lot of questions when it comes to Mobile. We have the answers. We don’t just give you answers, we educate you with a strong Mobility roadmap that is tailor-made to meet your requirements. How to start a new project or how to recover a project in crisis, how do we launch, what are the technology integrations, how do I improve my user acquisition and how do we ship new versions and features? We have it all for you. Just talk to us for a free discovery session and you will have all the confidence.

Who do we work with?



We work with Startups ready to disrupt. As a partner in disruption, we are your reliable partners to build and bring apps to market at the fastest pace possible.



We work with enterprises to build Smart Mobile Apps. We develop Apps that drive business or improve operational efficiencies among internal users and processes.

Technology Companies


We work with technology companies who are migrating disruptive technology solutions from Web/Desktop to Mobile Space. We build SDK’s, Libraries, Frameworks and distributable components for our customers.

“customer testimonial here. Sravan will get it from the customer and give it to us. And lets see how this goes.

Jeff Joslin

Co-Founder of Bizooku

“customer testimonial here. Sravan will get it from the customer and give it to us. And lets see how this goes.

Jeff Joslin

Co-Founder of Bizooku

We Are Ready For Mobile Disruption

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Shankar Pilli

Shankar Pilli

Senior Android Developer

A versatile mobile app developer with the distinction of executing prestigious projects of large magnitude within strict time schedule.

Sandeep Nakka

Sandeep Nakka

Mobile Architect

The backbone of the team. He finds the best solution to all the problems in the project including design, development, testing and deployment.

Murali Krishna Danthala

Murali Krishna Danthala

Senior iOS Developer

He is our lead front-end developer who is a genius coder, served for several enterprise clients.

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