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Our cloud solutions help businesses align their cloud strategy with business strategy and transform into an agile business.

Cloud Computing Services

Internet scale applications

We work with startups and technology companies engineer high availability internet scale applications to handle billions of requests from millions of users.


Sparity’s Cloud Services help businesses to achieve more scalability via high internal resource availability and low maintenance. We help businesses and startups, leverage cloud, in the best possible way. With our vast experience in both building new applications on the cloud and migrating existing applications to the cloud, we give you the right selection of cloud providers, a suitable approach and a battle-ready solution that is ready for the scale you need.

Internet Scale > Enterprise Scale

Building Internet Scale Applications.

We work with you to build internet-scale platforms on the cloud using the best available products from different providers to securely manage your data and handle millions of users and their interactions with ease. Our goal is to help you achieve agility, flexibility, scalability and high availability for your resources and applications. We help you with a solid architecture, good engineering design & best practices to ‘Do Things Right’. Our certified team’s focus on Automation and scaling right from the start. We understand the importance of DevOps and we use XP, TDD, BDD and other proven models to build your platform. You can also leverage our partnerships with loading cloud infrastructure and technology providers to go to market – Quickly.

Take a Big Leap

Cloud Migration Services

Are you running your services and applications on your own or managed hosting servers? We can help you to quickly, securely and seamlessly migrate to the cloud. Sparity has developed a proven roadmap and model for your migration needs. We have experience of migrating applications developed in the ’90s to cloud. As part of the migration process, we also do the necessary optimization and redesign to suit your business and technology needs. Our goal is to ensure your successful migration to the cloud and ensure you have a secure and scalable environment that aligns with your business goals.

Security as a Service

At your service, Managed Cloud Security Services

With cloud and hybrid environments, your infrastructure is more dynamic than ever. With ever-changing threat landscape, it is now highly essential to focus and invest in securing your data, applications and users. Sparity’s experienced and certified security experts work with businesses, govt agencies and startups to identify & mitigate network threats, detect security issues and analyze events, protect against web application threats, identify vulnerabilities and assess your security status and manage your compliance requirements. Sparity will work with you to establish a solid security strategy right from day zero of our engagement. With right tools, frameworks and processes, Sparity’s goal is to make sure your applications and resources are highly secured.

Monitor, Measure, Mature

Cloud Monitoring Services

Sparity offers real-time cloud monitoring services to ensure optimal performance of your applications and resources. Our certified cloud experts are available 24X7X365 from our centers in India and United States to ensure your applications and resources are in the best of operational health. Using a unified view of critical metrics, best practices to collect logs and tracking response times, availability, load balancing and job flows, we respond quickly to any issues and ensure high availability of your applications.

Experience Connected Devices

Cloud Solutions for IoT

If you are an enterprise trying to harness the power of Internet of Things or a technology startup building connected experience, Sparity has the expertise to engineer and build solutions that collect and analyze the data from connected devices and turn them into meaningful and actionable insights. Our cloud and data engineering teams work hand in hand, in building cloud infrastructure and solutions that can process massive quantities of data, build business rules and create actionable insights in real time.

Sparity Cloud Transformation Framework

Want to leverage cloud? Ready to make the big step? Talk to us to understand how we help business with a step by step transformation framework.


Karthik Mallireddy

Karthik Mallireddy

Network Architect

Our Experienced, versatile senior technical asset with highly evolved skills from team building to cutting edge information technology deployments.

Manikyam Karumuri

Manikyam Karumuri

Senior Network Administrator

Dedicated and diligent Network Admin with high degree of technical competence, a strong learning aptitude and excellent work ethic.

Shankar Nagam

Shankar Nagam

Network Administrator

A very Hardworking and driven Network Administrator with technical expertise in network support, system maintenance and network infrastructure security.

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