Technology is best

when it brings people together.

— Matt Mullenweg

Bringing People Together

WebRTC is one such open source real-time communication application that brings people together. It can be easily setup within the web browser. This browser – browser application is supported by HTML5 and JavaScript, enabling video conferencing, video recording, live streaming, voice calling and p2p sharing.

As web browser has become a multimedia endpoint, it has revolutionized video-based capabilities. Our simple and effective WebRTC API’s provide communications to browsers and mobile applications in real-time.

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Delivering results

Sparity offers a world class suite of WebRTC features to simplify real-time communications across the globe. In under a minute get a link up and running, hosting/joining meetings without any installations. Be amazed to experience fast, easy, intuitive, secure and instantaneous video conferencing capabilities like never before.

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  • Lightning fast
  • Zero bandwidth
  • No third party plugins
  • No downloads needed
  • Negligible latency
  • Greater security plugins
  • Eliminates servers
  • High performance
  • Rich quality
  • No flash and Silverlight required

The flexibility of open standard technology of the browser provides inherent benefits of better business opportunities, superior voice, and great video quality.