Digitally transform your enterprise with EBMS software, by addressing the most pressing and mission critical business needs of customer management, meter management, billing, payments, adjustments and reports. EBMS leverages on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), making it a single-point integrated billing system.

Superior Solution

Electricity Billing Management System (EBMS) is a centralized billing solution built on a robust architecture, ensuring clients generate bills, customized transactions and regulatory compliance. EBMS comes with rich in-built features, customizable and scalable to client needs and assures higher customer loyalty and guaranteed service quality.

super solution
super solution

Strong Technology

EBMS is a future proof billing solution built on a Microsoft stack with robust architecture, focused on web servers and secured database. Most importantly the EBMS is managed entirely on cloud, driving down costs and increasing efficiency and strategic value.

Key Features


Multi-Level Customer Management

EBMS is designed to manage multiple accounts from one centralized location. Our solution integrates customer management with billing technology and enables to manage all aspects of customer – client lifecycle metering, billing and payments with swift and efficient access to customers database.


Secure Payments

EBMS deploys cutting edge technology in providing Secure payments allowing customers to initiate transaction of online payment, e-billing, recurring payments and payment status.


Unified Billing

EBMS offers a unified billing solution of billing preparation, presentment and payment, simplifying your billing life cycle while automatically updating our utility billing system, providing you with the peace of mind.


Intuitive Customer Portal

EBMS online portal allows to control messaging at service level requests, add personalisation to customers, allows payments and offers complete transparency on billing & metering. It is also capable of integrating live chat, enhancing customer engagement.

Our other comprehensive features include:

  • Flexile Adjustments
  • Administrator Settings
  • Real-time Reports
  • Highly Customizable Work Flow
  • Self-service Kiosk
  • Metering
  • Notifications


low cost

Low Cost

Our Solution significantly reduces the cost overruns resulting in greater customer satisfaction and increased productivity.


Assured Compliance

EBMS prevents fraudulent practices and provides for exhaustive reports of wide range of activities. The application is a cost-effective compliance program management solution for you and your clients.


Greater Transparency

The Application provides accurate and transparent Billing in real-time, including audit trails of all activities performed by the users of the application; all under regulatory compliance.

Other Key Advantages Include:

  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Live Chat
  • Superior Dashboards
  • Central Integration
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Centralized Customer Hub

Our Vision

“We believe in creating new and better business opportunities within the energy management niche through our continual innovation. Our EBMS team has a strong commitment to energy conservation and strives to balance customer demands with business objectives through enhanced customer service and consistent value addition.”

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