Everything you need to virtualize your healthcare center

Connect face-face in minutes

Quick to pick up and send medication quickly

Virtual Care for Everyone

Connect to a Doctor 24/7. Anytime, Anywhere.

A Fully Integrated Whitelabelled Telemedicine Platform

Everything you need to virtualize your healthcare center

Teleconsult is an innovative and unique telemedicine platform designed to deliver complete physical clinic work-flows and offers end-end feature-set of your core capabilities on a ‘menu’ basis and is easily private labeled to support branding of your own virtual consultation.

We can help you plan, design and launch your telemedicine service

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Virtual care at your finger tips

Teleconsult is built on a strong back-end system that integrates to a single point powerful intuitive video interface. This allows the Teleconsult platform to enable virtual face-face interaction through video conferencing at real-time in minutes. A true testament to a integrated care delivery provision!


Enhanced workflow efficiency & improved patient care

Teleconsult platform offers seamless integration of existing EHR’s or enables to Add providers, staff, manage permissions, invite patients. This allows you to provide virtual healthcare immediately increasing the efficiency and enhancing patient engagement.

Digital Workflows

Digital Workflows

Reduces time and increases ROI

Teleconsult provides exceptional workflows that increases the productivity and efficiency, empowering the provider and delivery quality to the patients through our advanced features:

  • Advanced scheduling
  • Rules-based workflows
  • Single sign-on capabilities

Our Technology

Teleconsult is designed and built on a robust architecture and technology specifically for healthcare providers that can easily integrate to existing and the future workflows seamlessly. Data and communications of teleconsult platform is absolutely secured and complaint:

  • Facilitate Automation
  • Tokvox video integration
  • Easy Third Party integrations
  • HIPAA complaint
  • AES-128 encryption of video feed
  • Cryptographic Security Kernel (CSK) enabled
  • AES encryption at database level
  • Secured with Firewall & IPS
Our Technology


Teleconsult is a cloud-based SaaS solution, thus is one of the most secured, scalable and costefficient enterprise level telemedicine solution for both healthcare providers and consumers.

  • Cost-efficient licensing
  • Secured datacentre
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Enables rapid scalability



For Patients

Using teleconsult web application, iOS or anroid app – consult a 100% board certified doctor face-face in minutes via. real-time video consultation. This enables long waiting times and appointment schedules. Also, consumer can pay a one time flat fee upon consultation making it cost-effective virtual care.


For Providers

Acquire new patients or integrate existing patients to the teleconsult platform and set your pricing per episode of care. This increases patient engagement via. bringing health care into homes and workplaces of patients round the clock.


For Facilities

Any healthcare facility with active patients can leverage on the teleconsult platform, can launch Virtual interaction with patients via mobile devices and the web; delivering affordable, convinient, quality healthcare to patients round the clock.



Sign up with Teleconsult and activate your account. You are ready to go. login to your account on a computer or mobile device


Fill out a simple questionnaire of your symptoms, this will be submitted to a certified doctor for clinical evaluation review. Upon, review patient will be provided with flexible billing rates and insurance copay options.


A certified practitioner will consult you face- face through video conferencing and provide for personalized medication plan and prescription.