6 Challenges of Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

by | Dec 14, 2016

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It is a well-known fact that the innovation uptake is quite slow in healthcare industry compared to other sectors. As the pace of digital disruption is increasing across all other industries, the gap on the missed opportunity is getting more obvious on the healthcare front.

Although the adoption rate has been slow, the wheel of massive change has been emerging, several successful pilot projects by healthcare providers have been seemingly evident. However, the real challenge for many healthcare organizations is to extend those pilots across their entire operations.

Technology tools are critical, but not sufficient, enablers of change. Healthcare providers must decide on the kind of investments and their return on investments (ROI) on several aspects of health care delivery. It has been observed that a few areas of delivery such as collaboration, equipment search, staffing and cyber security offer highest ROI and are easier to adapt to technology.

However, a few areas such as a virtual clinic, patient record keeping, etc have challenges to overcome both from the technology and psychology point of view. It is imperative to understand that adapting to technology innovation of several operations of healthcare, over the long term will provide a solid foundation for further digitization.

Let’s explore a few challenges posed on the technological aspect of healthcare:
Modernizing of legacy systems to improve patient records visibility and accessibility to the records
Mobility Solutions between caregivers and patients across all platforms at real time
Security to doctor – patient confidentiality and other critical related files and documents
Migrating to better technologies and reducing IT infrastructure costs
Emergency offerings of real-time check-up of patients
Robust healthcare solution that covers online clinical appointment, disease diagnosis and patient checkup without hospital visitations.

In this realm of the modern healthcare market, areas of collecting, sharing, and analyzing large volumes of extremely delicate information have become of utmost importance. Hence,  cyber security is a significant enabler of the digital force in healthcare.

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